Radio Interview

Yesterday evening (May 10th) I was interviewed by Brenda Manderson of The Grey-Bruce Line, BlueWater Radio, 91.3 FM. It was a wonderful experience! For an hour Brenda and I chatted about resumes, cover and other letters, interviews, networking, career management and the job hunt. I felt welcomed and relaxed, thanks to Brenda's warm professionalism and caring persona, as well as behind the mike expertise! Thank you Brenda.

Even though we spoke for almost the entire hour (broken only by news breaks and one fitting musical interlude, Dolly Parton's Nine to Five!), we only skimmed the surface! This is such a deep topic, with many twists and turns, possibilities and improbabilities, and rich in conundrums. Each job hunter's situation is unique; each best-case plan therefore differs.

Well, my hour of limelight is over and it's back to work for me! But I love what I do and so "work" is not a four-letter word; rather, it is a delight to serve my clients in their bids to find meaningful employment. And that's precisely what I want for each of my clients: to find work that is both meaningful and a joy to face each day.