Launching Resume Bullets

I am working with a wonderful client, who balances the technical with the intuitive, the science with the art, the right brain with the left -- and does so with amazing harmony and results. Yesterday I emailed her an update on her resume, which will be, because there simply would be no other way to justify this client's work history, singular in its use of language (it looks like a resume, but its content captures a distinct methodology, quite unlike any resumes I've written to date - so exciting for me!).

In response to my email the client responded, in part, with the following words:

I loved your "launched bullets" line ... i had a sudden vision of you being one of those scientists launching a rocket-ship into space ... each step calculated to the smallest decimal place, while giving up control to the forces of Nature.

How delightful an image! This is an apt snapshot of my writing process. I do consider the smallest detail, and I do allow the resume to evolve, controlled, perhaps, by an unseen force of Nature. Well, back to work to allow this amazing resume to evolve, taking shape and form, ready to launch this client into the next phase of an undeniably unique life, a client whose ability to transform astounds!