Protean Career Quote

"People weave illusions to obscure truths they are not willing to face."

A few months ago a great LinkedIn group that I belong to invited people to send in their favourite "Protean Career" motivational quote, Protean Career being the name of the group. The word “protean” is defined as “displaying great diversity; variable nature.”


The quote above is one that I came up with myself.


It resulted from a situation that was current at the time, and which I curiously no longer recall. But it speaks to a truth applicable to personal and career related situations. People are quite skilled at obfuscating, hiding from or avoiding uncomfortable truths in their lives.


Career related illusions usually sound like this:

“It’s impossible; I can’t change careers now.”

“All that talk about loving your work is for daydreamers; it’s not realistic.”


What’s the illusion that you are weaving in an effort to avoid a truth you are not ready to face?