Is Your Position Description a Resume?

As a resume writer, I assess or review many resumes. I would say that about 95 percent of these are position descriptions (P.D.).

Given that these two documents are uniquely named, and don't share one word that identifies them as one and the same thing, I'd say that the P.D. isn't a resume. And, of course the resume strategist in me knows full well that a P.D. in no way resembles a resume.

Yes, some of the info on one could find itself in the other, but too many job hunters rely on their P.D. as a default. Not sure what to write on a resume (so many folks loathe writing these, and it shows), the typical job hunter resorts to borrowing lines from his or her P.D.

  • Managed network upgrades.
  • Tracked expenses.
  • Organized staffing needs.
  • Provided leadership.

Sorry, but big deal ... so did all the other applicants. What distinguishes you from the others? Why are you worth hiring? Making sure the reader knows you have the necessary skills is important, no question, but once you've established that you CAN do the job, you must prove HOW WELL you can be expected to do the job.

The way to do this? Share results and accomplishments from past employs as the best proof of future performance is past performance.