Ubiquitous Profiles

Today I read a profile that was so standard as to be boring. I think that job hunters (and some resume writers, alas) have taken the need to include key words and phrases to the extreme. The profiles they compose are reading like all the others, and thus, are no longer distinguishing them as candidates worthy of attention.

Here's what I mean.

"Highly focused senior project advisor..." My question was "focused on what?" I read this as a wasted opportunity in which the candidate could have distinguished himself or herself by identifying what I call the "sweet spot," that spot of intersection where talents, skills and experience meet. Some call it the "brand." Call it what you will, but it is critical in leadership roles. It shows you know yourself, it draws the reader in, wanting to learn more about your candidacy and possible match to fill the position in need of filling.

So how is your profile reading? Original or ubiquitous? Compelling or boring? Is it landing you interviews, or stirring not one iota of attention?

There is a whole lot more that goes into a powerful, influential and strategic resume than saturating the resume with key words and phrases.