Thinking matters

Yesterday I came across an interesting little article in June's issue of ODE Magazine ("for intelligent optimists" is their tagline!). It discussed how patient preparation plays a key role in the way bodies respond to surgery.

From reduced blood loss and complications, to speedier recovery and discharge, patients benefit from knowing what to expect as well as from hypnosis and suggestions!

Many people fear interviews - perhaps they could benefit from more preparation, from talking to themselves to minimize nerves, and from visualizing a stellar performance?

Oftentimes, when we don't know how to prepare, we default to leaving it up to fate. But this is a "head in the sand" response and certainly wouldn't stand up to reasoned scrutiny.

If you need help with preparing, consider my e-book, available here (Products and Fees tab). It instructs with actual examples, and rather than pat answers, it empowers you with strategy applicable no matter which questions are thrown at you!