Engineering Networking Event

Yesterday evening, I attended a networking event hosted by the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin. It took place in Orangeville (lovely town, by the way!), and was well attended.

Event partners included Orangeville Economic Development, Xogen technologies inc., and All agreed that the event successfully connected engineering professionals with resources and potential employers.

I spoke with perhaps ten engineers, from new grads to seasoned professionals, and provided them with evaluations of their existing resumes. There is no point in my being any less than honest as people's careers hang in the balance, and next to who you marry your career is a critical choice, impacting happiness, satisfaction, earnings, lifestyle and countless other areas of life.

Most resumes that I saw were actually position descriptions; most were clone-like duplicates; most lacked accomplishments and results. For people who have spent years of study, committed a considerable amount of money to achieve a certain status, and who aspire to a professional career, the resumes I saw did them no justice at all.

Folks, a resume is not "just a resume." Don't let anyone tell you that "good enough is good enough." Your career is yours to manage, and there are choices along the way. Once you have attained a certain level of professionalism, which I suggest begins at graduation, your career deserves a professionally prepared resume. A document that will, with strategy and expert writing, distinguish you from your competitors and thus propel your application to the top.