Innovate your job search

Simon Sinek ( writes:

lack of time + lack of resources + optimism = innovation

So true. For example, if your job search is stagnant because you are working and have little time, or you have no computer and thus emailing resumes is time consuming, why not force yourself to innovate a solution?

Innovative Solution #1: print off a bunch of resumes, and hand deliver to as many businesses as you can, ones that may need someone with your qualifications of course.

Innovative Solution #2: get on the phone and call a bunch of businesses, but do be prepared with your job-search sales pitch. "I'm looking for a job" won't do. "I have 5 years of experience working a press and a 100% safe record of operation" is much better.

Innovative Solution #3: barter with a friend who does have a computer. Exchange your cooking abilities for computer time, offer to mow the lawn, babysit or dog-walk, for computer time, and then hit the ground running with a concrete plan of attack so you don't waste the two hours you have arranged. Who knows? Maybe your friend will be so impressed by your attitude that he or she will make a few contacts and hook you up with a possibility!

Sometimes hardships force us to come up with something brand new. And these often lead to great things. I have a client who used the phone to drum up not one but three short-term contracts, one of which led to a full-time, permanent offer from a major university. In fact, she had to decide between two offers that came one after the other.

Don't let lack of time or resources hold back your job search; innovate!