The Power of Words

I subscribe to a few daily inspirational emails (you don't stay chipper without effort you know!), one of which is Daily Dose of Vitamin K from Kelvin Ringold (love it, recommend it, get it here: ). Here's the first paragraph of today's message:

Most of us, Stephanie, don't realize the power inherent in our words; and don't realize (or don't remember) that we have the power to create as well as the power to destroy in our own lives... via the power of the words we use and the unknowing commands we give our minds.

If you've read my home page, you'll know I agree! Words are not space-fillers. Consider your job search: chosen wisely, words in your resume and in your interview will communicate your value, from an employer's perspective, and chosen poorly? Well, they can destroy your chances at that coveted job.

So how are your words working for you? If you need help, I am willing, able and qualified to serve your job search needs.