Interview Magic

I have a client who is hip, modern, authentic and unafraid to speak her truth. Unhappy with her current employer, who promised her job "A" and put her into job "B," she took the career bull by the horns. She researched competitors, sourced likely contenders, and got busy.

This 30-ish woman called a company's President, who was someone she had met briefly at a networking event. He remembered her because she is memorable - authenticity tends to have that effect. They met, and her strategy was the opposite of most: she interviewed him! Her thinking was this: I need to make sure they walk their talk, as I don't want to get stuck again in a company that pretends to be one thing and then is quite another.

The Pres loved her honesty, energy, and ideas. She went prepared to share exactly what she offered, with research into exactly how her hire would benefit the company. While meeting with the President, he connected her with HR. That's the way to rock a career! I'll update you as things progress on this young woman's success.