Just for Fun

I subscribe to Ordinary Courage, a wonderful blog written by Brene Brown, a research professor at University of Huston (http://www.brenebrown.com). She asked about how we play, which led me to share what I posted as a comment under her blog.
Play for me is handi-arts: beading, crocheting, embroidering (especially hardanger and Ukrainian as it is my heritage) and sewing. I love to bead with tiny seed beads and along with bracelets (my favourite) I also bead goddesses - some flat on faux-suede, others 3-D. These are entirely from imagination, and have found homes with friends as each one seems to want to go home with a certain person - it's quite amazing really.

Recently my husband introduced me to frisbees and I discovered I love throwing and catching a frisbee. Can you believe I'd never tried it? You need to know that I am 56 and my husband is 60.

I also love to laugh and often laugh at myself if there isn't something else that inspires a good chuckle. Just today I laughed at my antics after I tried taking our pooch on a walk through the woods. Beseiged by flies, which I imagined were all voracious deer flies, I flew out of the woods, wildly swinging around me to discourage these predators. As I broke free of the woods and ran into an adjacent rec complex parking lot, I noticed I had spectators! LOL I think I made them have fun! :-)