Phyllis Reardon, Personal Development Coach at CoachPhyllis.com, posted a question on LinkedIn about what possibilities we are creating. Part of my reply was as follows:

This week I will complete the negotiations of a new partnership.
This month, after just completing a business course, I will add new processes to both streamline business demands and track important details.
This year? Many changes, I am sure. But rather than set arbitrary goals, I like to be open to possibilities. For example, I could not have foreseen the partnership that has been offered to me, but when it passed by my door, I ran out to greet it, welcome it in, embrace it. Others were also privy to the initial contact, but chose to ignore or waited too long; I don't really know why others didn't pursue.
Possibilities abound; many times we are oblivious. And so yes, I agree that we create possibilities - it's a matter of having a heart that is open, eyes that are aware, and a spirit that embraces possibility.

What job possibilities are you oblivious to? What exists that you've failed to embrace? One of my current clients finally stopped relying on simply responding to job postings and concentrated on networking. That tactic has resulted in two scheduled interviews.

Rather than sticking to the easy, but not quite as fruitful emailed resume, she decided to see whether my admonition to access the hidden job market would work for her. Possibilities abound; are you open to them?