Broken Record

I love to reply to job search and career-related questions on LinkedIn. By now I must have replied to over 50, maybe 100. (For some of my replies I am the lucky recipient of a "Best Answer" designation - so cool!)

And, I cannot even guess how often my reply begins with "It depends," or some version of this. There is no "one size fits all" strategy in career management. You cannot homogenize all with a single solution, should not lump all into one category, must not recommend the same strategy to all. To do so only ensures that everyone is a clone, streaming by recruiters with no individualization, no uniqueness, nothing at all to help them stand out.

It's ridiculous to suggest that everyone aim for a one-page resume, that everyone find a resume template to use (how unique would that be!?), that everyone use one social media networking method ... the list goes on and on. What works for me may not work for you, and why would it? Your experience, skills, credentials, even if you are a resume writer, is quite likely vastly different from mine.

It is plainly obvious that although lots of free info exists on the internet, it is mostly non-specific, and what is there is repeated over and over; it is nothing new. To develop strategy that is particular to your needs takes far more training than reading a few blogs, articles or newsletters.

Might I suggest that if your resume, interview skills, networking efforts, job search tactics etc are not working for you, you may need an actual strategy, not a run-of-the-mill plan that is being used by the thousands of job hunters who, like you, are relying on the ubiquitous resources available on the internet. Free is not always effective.