Is the recruitment process in need of improvements?

I was thinking about the speed of communication these days. My eldest daughter lives in Vancouver (she adores it, and after visiting I must say it is ultra-tempting!), and she and I text back and forth daily. She messaged "How amazing that you are in Ontario and I am in B.C. and we receive each other's messages pretty much instantly!"

So very true. Her insight turned my mind to my Ukrainian ancestors' arrivals in Canada in the late 1800s - no communications other than plodding snail-mail. The isolation and distance was magnified without even a telephone call.

This then got me to thinking about the hiring process. Applicants upload their documents quickly to their email within the specified time. And yet, when it reaches the other end, the process seems to be as slow as ever. As slow, and as impersonal as ever. Choosing suitable candidates to interview takes weeks, post-interview follow up takes another few weeks and often doesn't even occur. As a candidate I have had promises from the interview team that I would hear one way or the other, never to receive a call or email from anyone.

Is the hiring process broken? Do candidates need to demand courtesy? What is the answer? If you have ideas, do share!