Feeling Goofy

Working alone in a virtual business can be lonely - only virtual colleagues to "chat" with, no one telling jokes, even bad ones. And so one of my strategies to feel connected is to subscribe to a few daily emails. Kelvin Ringold's Daily Dose of Vitamin K (www.vitaminkdaily.com) is one of these.

Today's newsletter featured Blinky, a silly fellow with a goofy grin who writes every now and again to give Kelvin a break. :-) Today's message said that if we have given just one person hope, then we have been important in that person's life, and knowing that should put a goofy grin on our faces. Blinky urged readers to go ahead and keep those goofy grins on our faces all day! (Blinky loves the word goofy!)

That's why I've got a goofy grin on my face! I know that my work has given lots of people hope as they've told me so! Hope for a better job, hope to land a job, hope for a good career. And that hope is well justified with a resume that reflects, in important detail, how well they have done, can do, will do a job. I love my work and am ever so grateful to have discovered what I am good at, and that my work helps people. Life is good.