Going the Extra Mile

Today's Quote Action of the Day from Mary Lascelles (aka "relomary" at MovingLinks4You.com) is:

Go the extra mile. It is never crowded. - Anonymous

As a career practioner who has interviewed over 500 career transitioners - job hunters, ambitious ladder climbers, new grads, career switchers - I can attest to this. Not all know how to manage their careers with strategy.

Going the extra mile, even with an easy-to-do thank you note following a great interview, is something that only 5% do! It is definitely not a crowded road, that extra mile.

Here are a few ideas for going the extra mile while on the job, ideas that will translate into grrrreat! resume content. :-)

  • volunteer for that new committee. You'll learn lots, meet new people, and contribute to a corporate of departmental goal. (Can't you just read that resume bullet now?!)
  • conduct research on best practices for that new policy that's going to be discussed in next month's meeting. Your ideas might just get approved, proving your resourcefulness and influence.
  • take that new employee under your wing for a bit. Offer to coach or be a go-to resource. Who knows? Your mentorship may be so successful that it may lead to a corporate focus on a new hire buddy system that drastically reduces, phenomenally improves new hire failure/success rates!

You needn't trudge along on that extra mile; step lightly with feet barely touching! It's in the attitude more than special dance steps!