"An idea is a curious thing. It will not work unless you do." An Unknown Author

How true. You know, I bet that millions of people have brilliant ideas each day. And I'd be willing to bet that only a handful act on these ideas. Even great ideas take work.

But I bet what trips many people up is that they don't jot down the ideas, and lose them to overburdened memory banks that allow them to escape. And others might jot them down, but never share. I think that ideas - germinating from circumstance, or a flash of insight, or from some hard critical thinking to problemsolve - benefit from further brainstorming.

Ideas must be shared because ideas must be dissected, considered, they must evolve and be reconstructed for real application.

How, you might be asking yourself, is Stephanie going to tie this into career-related insights? Here it is: you should jot down an inspired thought that pertains to your resume's content, or make a note of that interview question that continues to stump you, or mark that employer's website with your Favourites so that you don't lose it! Job hunters are not exempt from having and losing career-related ideas for improvement and advancement. It can be a big loss indeed, if it leads to a lost career opportunity.