How does your resume rate?

Today I spent a good part of my day compiling my newest E-book. It is written for a specific resume-writing audience. And it got me thinking. A resume can be strong, robust and influential or weak, wishy-washy and ineffective.

Do you know how your resume rates?

If your resume relies heavily on "assisted, provided, responsible for, accountable for" to launch your bullets, it is likely quite weak. Certainly it doesn't get specific enough. If you drill down to what you actually did, you might come up with energetic verbs such as "Ordered, organized, solved, revitalized, improved, approved, raised." These verbs may then spur better language in the remainder of the example of your work place contributions.

Evaluate your resume with a critical eye and assess its strength. Is it robust or simplistic? Energetic or boring? Are you proud of its content, or do you cringe in sympathy for the recruiter who has to read it?