How to land a job quicker

I have quoted Seth Godin, master marketer, in my journal pages before. That man is clever! In this blog Seth talks about career choice. Read on for his words of wisdom.

The end of the industrial era is opening countless doors. So many doors, in fact, that it's easy to become paralyzed. Without a clear understanding of what you want, it's harder than ever to get it.
Most of the time, we treat our careers like a buffet. "Show me what's available and then I'll decide..."
With the revolution going on all around us, there's so much on the buffet you're likely to just grab something convenient. Better, I think, to decide what matters first, and go do that.

I could not have articulated this premise any better. Job hunters take note: a targeted job search makes so much more sense than a haphazard "I'm not sure what I want." Both in the short term (you'll land offers easier when you have the skills needed for a particular job) and the long term (you'll achieve success faster and sustain it, if you are working to strengths and talents in a job that brings you joy and satisfaction, and the kinds of challenges that you relish).

Decide what matters, decide what you want to do and where, plan how to get there, and then just go do it!