What should you look for in a resume writer?

If you are shopping for a resume service, what are you looking for? Here is my "twoonies worth"!

1. Does the writer have actual writing credentials? Resumes are not produced by typing or secretarial services, at least not effective resumes. Resumes that are effective at cutting through the noise of many, many applicants must be written by those who are trained in composition and grammar.

2. Does the writer have resume strategy credentials? Again, a typing service or secretarial service will only type what you tell them to; they won't (can't) consider strategy. And without a doubt, strategy is the key to communicating your value, and to influencing the reader's perception of what you know, how you work, and by extension, what can be expected of you.

3. Is the service a full-time service? If not, you may have to wait longer, but more importantly, the person providing the service may not have much experience, and certainly cannot have the extensive experience that a full-time service has accumulated.

I am proud of the service that I provide my clients. As a credentialed writer, resume strategist, interview coach, in the biz for five full years now, and recognized for my passion with awards from Career Professionals of Canada, I know that what I write is effective.

If you are serious about your career, please don't put price first. You will do yourself a disservice. Research your options and choose the very best that you can afford. After all, the writer/resume strategist that you choose will benefit -- or, if you choose based on price alone, quite likely shortchange -- your career and your future earnings.