Resume Language

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."- Philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein

So very true. Isn't it remarkable how so few words capture so much meaning?

As is my way, I can absolutely relate this quote to career management. How (the question begs to be asked) is the language of your resume working for you?

If you've saturated your resume with "provided, assisted, or even managed," might I suggest that you have some work to do?

Here's one example. Take "Assisted with recruitment," a bullet found on most HR, management or supervisory, and even administrative roles. How generic ... boring really.

Revamp it with specifics and now, rather than limiting understanding, you are freeing possibilities. For example:

"Sourced and screened candidates, meeting department's hiring deadlines and eliminating an inherited backlog of hires. Company is now positioned to accommodate upcoming workload increases related to a significant new client."

Language can convey much. In a resume it can convey actual problem solving, project management, understanding the importance of the corporate bottom line, or it can convey a boring lack of initiative in constructing resume content. What does your resume convey?