Hope for Something Different, New, Effective

What is hope? I used to think of it as a sentiment, like love or happiness. But recently I read a new definition of hope, one that likens it to a learned trait.

Hope can be defined as the ability to set a goal, plan its achievement, and believe that you can get there. I like that, as it puts progress and outcomes back in our court.

You know, it's not a magic formula that has some people back at work quickly after suffering a career setback; these people know how to plan, access resources and achieve a goal. It is that simple, and of course, that complex.

What is the plan, what are the resources? How does one get within reach of that goal: the next great job? Check out some of the artices, resume and cover letter samples and career-related newsletters on this website, as a start. And do consider hiring a professional to point you in the right direction and get you started with a dynamic package - resume and cover letter, that foundational duo that, like a building's foundation, provides a solid and effective grounding for your career management hopes.