What Price, Quality?

You don't expect to pay the same for dinner at an award-winning chef's restaurant as at McDonalds. The ingredients may be similar, but the final dish is not (not to mention ambiance and service levels).

You wouldn't expect to pay the same price for a Kia as for a Lambourghini, even though both get you from here to there (although one may get you there much faster!).

Similarly, not all resumes and resume writers are of equal value, even though both put digit to keyboard and use words.

Words have influence, even when you're not conscious of that fact. Say it poorly and no one notices, or worse, thinks you are ineffective at communicating. Say it with strategy and you've influenced perception, struck a chord, made an impact. That's the difference between a poor writer and a trained writer; between someone who has no idea of what strategy means, and someone who is trained in resume strategy.

Your career may hinge on your decision. Choose wisely.