Career Fit and Napping

I read something the other day about how refreshing a nap is, and how, if you work from home, you can put your head down (or crawl into bed) for a 20 minute refresher.

It reminded me of a time when I landed a job as an estimator of long distance moving costs. I did have some background in that, as a Claims Adjuster for a major van lines. The position required frequent visits to a dedicated area of banks, as well as single client estimates. I was driving hundreds of miles. And anyone who knows me, knows that I am a "reluctant driver."

I well recall one afternoon driving home from a day of visiting banks in small towns across southern Ontario, during which I struggled, and fiercely, to stay awake - while driving! This was not a good fit for me. Even though I really needed a job, I had to quit for safety's sake.

Many people fail to take all aspects of a job into consideration. Yes, you may enjoy nursing, but perhaps more so in serving patients in a community clinic, rather than assisting in the intense triage of emerg. You may enjoy an office environment, but not the laid back, anything goes atmosphere of Google, rather the professional power-rich environment of a leading law office. (Or vice versa of course!) Food for thought.