Isn't it amazing how many different ways we can communicate these days? Tweets and IMs and BBMs and emails (almost passe now!) and voice mail ... it wasn't thus when I was young!

Obviously you've seen my photo and can tell (the grey hair may give it away) that I'm not young in age. (I hope  that same photo shows that I'm young in spirit?) When I was young, a phone call was always answered, that is as soon as you determined that the ring sequence was for you and not for the party line with which you shared the service. And just think back to snail mail days - mail was eagerly awaited.

Not so today - we don't eagerly await mail or messages (unless it's with a job offer of course!) Sometimes we get so much of it we may elect to dump messages, without reading. Many email bounce-backs now state "I'm on vacation. When I get back I'm dumping all my emails so if it's really important email me after I return."

Just yesterday my BB wasn't sending messages properly, and so a current client didn't get my reply. When I hadn't heard back from him by late yesterday evening (and I was to interview him today), I logged on, sent an email and also left him a voice mail. Sure enough, he hadn't received my message.

I'm still of the "old school" where messages are important, mail is anticipated and service levels are courteous, efficient, important and a mark of honour.