Outperforming your competition

I see it on resumes all the time - laundry lists of skills and job duties. Sometimes when I question someone about one of the items on the list, they sheepishly reply "Well, I've never done it but it was on my job description." This is not a confidence-building, suitability affirming reply in an interview.

In writing your resume, you musn't focus on outperforming your competition. Yes, you should know what current resume standards and current best practices are, but no, you shouldn't think about your competitor while writing your resume.

Instead, focus on yourself - your skills, your experience, your results and accomplishments. Composing a resume that is highly customized to you and your value, with specific, authentic to you methodologies and style, rather than a watered down version, a laundry list of skills where you try to beat out your competitors in terms of skills, won't work. Why? There are hundreds applying. How can you possibly outlist all? Your resume would be miles long.

Value isn't in holding a skillset; it is in applying it to further your employer's business goals. Relate your work to the bottom line, and now you've got a great resume!