From a recruiter's mouth

Yesterday I participated in a Career Professionals of Canada teleclass. I love learning, connecting with colleagues and staying on top of trends and information that may help my clients. (I'm known as CPC's teleclass junkie as I take so many! And I always learn at least one new tidbit of info that proves to be useful.)

One of the other participants is a recruiter as well as a resume writer. In answering a question that asked how to cut through the red tape and get in front of the recruiter or HR entity, before interviews are arranged, she shared the following: If someone she knows calls or emails her to advise that she really should take a close look at "John Clark's" resume, she definitely does take a closer look.

Sometimes it's so easy - work your network and find someone who knows someone in the company to which you've applied. Have that person share your name as a good potential. Your personal, professional and online networks are rich resources of connection! Work it!