What can I do for you?

I love my work, and I make no secret of this. I love interviewing my clients and writing their resumes and cover letters. But I often struggle with explaining to potential clients the value, to them, of my work. Here are a few of the benefits of what I do for my many clients who come from every walk of life.

  • if you are a new grad, you're in expert hands here (two awards for Best New Graduate resume!). I work with you to reconstruct your resume so that the hiring entity sees that you can do the job, that your unrelated work experience serving customers at the local fast food or home improvement warehouse does have some relevance to their needs, and that they should take a chance on you! I initiate that important conversation between you and the interviewer by writing a resume that impacts the interview.
  • if you're a stay-at-home mom, thinking of returning to work but not knowing what to write on a resume, I can help. After our interview, during which I gather pertinent information, you will feel far more hopeful of landing a return-to-work job.
  • if you're a new Canadian (and I feel informed as to your challenges, as my parents both arrived here from other countries, not speaking the language), I can de-emphasize the fact that your training or experience is not Canadian by refocusing attention to how well you did your job. Because business is driven by performance that results in revenues, demonstrating how your role related to driving revenues or sourcing savings is key.
  • if you're making a radical change, from truck driver to school teacher for example, I can absolutely help! Strategizing resumes is exactly what I do best.
  • and if you're at the top of your career, as a "C" level candidate, I can absolutely condense years and years of experience into two or three pages of neat, succinct and robust content!

My work has helped hundreds of job-hunters land work in diverse fields - teaching, nursing, sales, I.T., truck driving, factory work, in finance, human resources, management, administration, in the political, public and not-for-profit sectors. The list could go on an on.

The people with whom I've worked most often comment on the fact that after reading their resumes, they felt empowered once again, full of confidence that they would soon land a job. That is the value of a professionally prepared New Leaf resume: empowerment, confidence, less time spent unemployed and applying to job posting after job posting, faster time to meaningful employment and paycheque.

So what can I do for you? Give me a call and let's talk. - Working to your career success, Stephanie