Have you considered interview coaching?

Today I conducted an interview coaching session with a client for whom I wrote a resume two years ago. It has taken him this long to jump through various recruitment hoops with a large global employer. First he applied online, then he had a questionnaire to respond to, then a test in an educational insitution with hundreds of applicants, then a physical test of three hours (which he shared was brutal), and now, finally, an in-person interview is coming up. From some 400 applicants, he is one of 40 or so he knows are being interviewed!

Phew! That's one heck of a recruitment process.

My client said that he figured that since his competitors were likely polishing up their interviewing skills, he should also. I was taken aback, "What? You think that most people polish their interviewing skills by hiring a professional interview coach? No, I don't think so."

I shared that too few people take career management seriously (and this includes having a truly outstanding resume, one that reads of accomplishments and talents, not one that reads like a position description!). He will stand out, no doubt, as he puts into practice advice on how to compose stories that "stick," how to address the employer's "buying motivators," and how to quite literally "wow the interviewers"!

Curious? Email me and we can chat! Working to your career success, Stephanie