How to write an achievement based resume

Well, feeling rather jocular today I am tempted to reply to that statement with a quippy "by creating an achievement based career"! And yes, that must be a foundational aspect of a resume that sings your value and rings with the sound of future revenues! (Business is based on money after all.)

What got me thinking about this issue was my current client, a remarkable operational leader who reached the level of Director 10 years ago, and has yet to break into an executive role. The only think stopping the client? The mind.

It is so true, and I speak from the experience of having worked with hundreds of job hunters and career transitioners, that it is sometimes our own mind that limits our ability to reach that next milestone. After all, if you don't value your own accomplishments, how are you to catch these on paper, communicate them in an interview, and take your rightful place at the helm?

Good thing this client elected to find a professional to work with. I have no trouble identifying the accomplishments and transferring them to paper with words that capture the importance and value. I can't wait to share the final product with the client whose mind will finally have to admit "Man, I'm good; I'd hire me!"