Overused Resume Language

Last week LinkedIn announced words that were overworked, overused, over-relied upon in LinkedIn profiles. Words like effective, creative, extensive experience, motivated, communication skills.

And yet, so many job ads refer to precisely those words. What is the job hunter to do?

Even if some words are overused, if you are a marketer you may indeed be required to be uber-creative; it is an attribute without which an advertiser/marketer would not succeed. However an administrative assistant may not need to be that creative; perhaps an admin assist could rephrase her contributions from "creative organization" to "known for everything-in-its-place organization of files."

As part of your preparation in updating your resume, you should spend some time sourcing words that are specific, that ring true with your methodology, and that won't be one of the overused and ubiquitous resume-speak type terminology!

Here are a few to get you thinking.

How about "spontaneous"? That word could describe the out-of-the-box creative thinker very well. You could use it like this, for example: "Requested to participate in many brainstorming sessions in recognition of my spontaneous creativity."

And what of the word "bridge"? As in "Bridged service gaps by identifying appropriate bridge-building partnerships, lapses in processes, or composing more specific customer feedback questionnaires. My efforts led to a 25% improvement in customer service scores in the first year."

Now it's your turn! Have fun with that. By the way, a great place to research may be StrengthFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath. You'll gain insight into how you work, and maybe find a few words that represent you very well indeed!