Professional Resume Writers

Today I corresponded with a job hunter who had a few free resume assessments of her resume in hand (she told me her resume took blood sweat and tears to create!) and was totally confused. It seems that all of the assessors, representing professional resume services, had different ideas, some of which were completely contradictory.

What is the poor job hunter to do?

Truth is, the profession of resume writer is completely unregulated and anyone who wants to start a business, even those with no writing abilities and no credentials in resume strategy, can do so. With time this is certain to change, but for now it is byer beware.

If you are hunting for resume help - seasoned and reasoned help - be sure that you check out the potential hire's credentials. Is the person affiliated with a credible organization? Does he or she have related experience? Does this person know how to string together a few words in a coherent fashion?

I have seen writing that is so poor that I truly disliked calling it "writing." Full of typos or spelling errors, lack of agreement between singular and plural, jumping in tenses from past to presence with wild abandon! I have seen resumes that lack strategy to the point of being ridiculously "mickey-mouse-ish." And these had been prepared for a fee by so-called "professionals."

New Leaf Resumes is credentialed, with extensive training. Affiliated with Career Professionals of Canada and blog syndicated to Career Thought Leaders, you are assured of expertise. Besides, I absolutely love writing resumes! I am a grammar geke, a writing fanatic, a strategist with awards to back her expertise. If you need a resume, do consider New Leaf services. Working to your career success, Stephanie