Job Fair Findings

New Leaf has attended job fairs at least once each year since its beginnings. And every year I encounter many job hunters. Old and young, exceptionally skilled and less so, new immigrants and not ... every variable, right up to CEO-type job hunters! (Yes, that high.)

For the most part, job hunters have already sought out advice, and think that they arrive well prepared. But sometimes the advice they were given was misguided.

Cover Letter vs. Resume

Many, for example, put the "juicy" info about their successes and accomplishments in the cover letter only, leaving a skeleton-like resume. The problem with this is that cover letters are not always read first, and if the resume gives no indication of value, the recruiter doesn't even bother with the cover letter.

Snazzy Photograph

One job hunter insisted that she had been given credible advice to jazz up her cover letter with a photo. Now for models and actors, this is absolutely good advice, but for a data entry clerk? I cannot make an argument for that one.

What are You Aiming For?

I saw a CEO's resume that was truly a shame. It was less than a page, gave no hint of the depth and breadth of his accountabilities, no inkling as to his deep and rich knowledge and skill base ... he may as well have been an accounting clerk.

When it's Free

The internet is thick with free advice, but is free advice always credible, justified, reliable, dependable, trustworthy? At the very least, when relying on free advice, make sure the person offering the advice has relevant training.

The Importance of Training, Knowledge, Skills

Knowing resume strategy is essential for a resume that works; having writing abilities certainly doesn't hurt; and having worked in a recruitment environment obviously also helps.

I have all three - training in resume strategy and in business writing, six years working in a Human Resource environment, and I am in my seventh year of providing a full-time service dedicated to helping job hunters hunt down those jobs!

If you are ready to kick your job search up into high gear, let me know. I would love to work on your behalf, creating strategic self-marketing documents, resume and cover letter, and boosting your interview skills with effective interview coaching. Working to your career success, Stephanie