Pitching to the Dragons' Den

Yesterday I presented at our local library on "Re-engerizing Your Job Search." One of the participants remarked that the self-marketing aspect made him think of pitching to the Dragons' Den! He is so right.

I enjoy watching that show. Some of the business ideas that people have come up with are truly silly, non-sensical, and money-sucking! Some pour life savings into lame business ideas. And others, well, Dragons compete over which of them will get to invest hundreds of thousands into the presenter's product.

Wouldn't it be lovely to have two or three employers battling for you? Outbidding one another to get you to join their company?

It may not be possible to the extent of the Dragons show, but you could generate far more interest in you as a great hire IF you knew how to communicate your value.

Those who present to the Dragons and who don't have the info that this team of business super-experts require are quickly cut down to size (so painful to watch!), but those who come prepared with the info they know the Dragons need to hear to take their pitch seriously, they score big!

Not sure how to communicate value? I'd love to help and do so by buidling a solid job search foundation with value-rich resume and cover letter along with a list of other possible documents. Give me a call!