Power in Words

While reading replies to a question posted in LinkedIn, I was once again amazed by the writers' lack of appreciation for the written word. Good writing isn't ubiquitous; the ability to write well is not a gift equally given. Not everyone can write well.

I have read poorly written pieces that have me wincing. Hard to read sentences, misplaced modifiers, no regard to parallel structures or unified verb tenses. I have even launched into a new book only to decide that no, I cannot waste my time on this.

As Stephen King wrote in his recent book "On Writing," a good writer reads a lot and writes even more! How many do that? Only those dedicated to their craft.

We all know that the written and spoken word can be powerful! But if the writing is poor the power exerted is not positive. Politicians without speech writers would not get to where they are. Their speeches might hold disjointed thoughts, poorly constructed arguments, and stories that are not tailored to the audience. That would not build confidence and that would not influence. That approach would lack strategy.

Which then leads me to question: is it true that there are no qualified applicants to job openings, as so often claimed in the headlines? Or could it be that the resumes out there are not communicating well? That they are so poorly written that rather than shake the reader out of their boredom they lull the reader into a coma? Food  for thought folks.