Saving the World from Mediocre Resumes!

Don't you love that phrase?! I cannot take credit for that - I got permission to rephrase from my dear friend, Sarah Clark, who uses that phrase in reference to her artful designs in furniture, graphic arts and more: "Saving the World from Mediocre Design." Check out her work at That's Sarah's design superhero, DD, on the left.

But I have seen my share of mediocre resumes, and many don't even meet that criteria. Many resumes are little more than a quick list of generic skills. And that list, dashed off with little thought, in a snippet of time, and with no strategy, is supposed to land a dream job. Really?

Writing a resume (and I truly wish there was another word to use as the word inspires nothing but loathing to the untrained writer and likely dread to the poor recruiter who must review far too many mediocre samples) takes time, or it should. It takes training, available mainly through library loans, purchased books or a costly on-line training program. And it requires a respect for the fact that the written word exerts power - mediocre or influential!

I love writing resumes - good resumes, ones that capture what you are all about, ones that convey what your new boss could expect from you, ones that help you land a job that you'll enjoy.

Saving the world from mediocre resumes - I am on a crusade to establish a new standard for resume content! LOL Well, yes, I do love my work. Thank you for indulging my little rant. Much appreciated. Have a great day all! - Working to Your Career's Success, Stephanie