Unsolicited Review

Yesterday evening I received an unsolicited SEO emailed appraisal of my new grad website at www.newgraduateresumes.com. The email was long, I have no idea of which company it was from (a personal yahoo address was all I had), and it was scathing!


I work hard at providing content that is genuinely helpful, generous in its information, and appropriate for my audience. But apparently what I'm not working hard at is attracting money! How arrogant of the company (or whoever it was) to assume that every business owner is focused on making loads of dough!

My aim is to earn a living, yes, but to do so without ploys and tactics, tricks and smoke-and-mirror techniques that pull your hard-earned money out of your wallet and waft it over into mine. I prefer that people come to me because they like what they read about me, have confidence that the resume and cover letter, Linkedin profile and professional bio that I might compose on their behalf will be effective, and truly believe that working with me will improve their job search, career management, and self-confidence!

So, dear readers, I may not be SEO optimized, and I may have HTML code errors and even something called "poison words" on my website (no idea what that might be as my language is clean! my intent is honest! my aim is altruistic!), but be reassured that my work is highly regarded by my clients and by my colleagues.

Working to YOUR career's success, Stephanie