Top Resume Articles

Way back when, after reading a book on "how to become an expert almost instantly" or something along those lines, I posted many articles to

I think I have over 70 articles posted there now (I love to write!). And each month, Ezine sends me a report of my "top performers." These consistently include articles I wrote on using headlines in a resume, writing a resume when one is returning to work after a maternity/paternity leave, and on writing a retiree's resume.

The resume headline article surprises me as I wrote it as a riff from a blog post by the renown marker Seth Godin. (I do have a knack for reading something unrelated to career management, seeing a link, following up with a bit of research and coming up with a blog or article.)

The other articles don't surprise me as they deal with true career transitions. From stay-at-home to corporate world, from a long-time career to either a "fun job" or a new career (like a justice of the peace), transitional resumes are the most difficult to compose as they require true strategy.

The nurse who is applying to justice of the peace will not inspire interest if she focuses on her suturing skills! And the retired music-loving executive who wants to sell CDs in a music store needs to communicate something other than his intense corporate experience. Demonstrating transferable skills, knowing how to show alignment with the postion's requirements rather than a distinct and wide divide between past experience and future career - those are tough to accomplish.

And too many stay-at-home moms and dads (I spent almost 10 years in this role) typically undervalue their contribution in those roles.

I have helped lots of people transition with success, and these most challenging of resumes are favourites of mine. I simply love interviewing my clients, finding the alignment, phrasing their resumes to focus on a match in skills and experience, and writing a cover letter that engages the reader and prompts a call to an interview.

Writing resumes is my dream job! And I'm working hard at saving the world from "mediocre resumes"! In my spare time, I am conquering my fear of heights - the photo is of me climbing Mount Benson. :-)