How to Fake a Great Resume

I read a blog on how to fake a clean house, and although it didn't alleviate the work that goes into a clean house (you still had stuff to do!), it inspired this blog. 

In case you are into quick-get-clean schemes, that's the link above.

Here are a few steps to take that will "fake" a great resume!

1. Remove the objective and substitute the title of the position to which you are applying.

2. Make sure you have a profile (no need to call it that if you don't have an extra line). Think of that profile - in paragraph or point form - as a further synopsis of the resume, which is already a synopsis of related work stuff! It should spell out the best of what you offer that fits the position's needs as identified in the job posting.

3. Remove long lists of tasks, and replace these with examples of not only what you did, but how and how well!

That last point alone will have your resume sparkling like that clean house above!

- signed, Stephanie Clark who is busily working at recreating resumes from dull to shiny, from boring to inspirational, from lacklustre to absolutely sparkling!