'Tis the dawn of new beginnings, that time of the year ...

Each year I make my own humble attempt at a silly, quirky, lightly inspirational poem! Although my "poetry," (if I may call it that!) will win no awards, I do have fun writing it and hope you enjoy reading it!


'Tis the dawn of new beginnings, that time of the year

When people are greeted with words of good cheer.

Job hunters, more than others, take a moment to pause

To ponder if a new job is their gift from old man Claus.


My annual present to you at this time

Is to offer encouragement, all set to rhyme!

My aim is to offer a boost of sorts

To folks who are looking for jobs of all sorts.


Job hunters don’t fit into one single mould

Some are newbies, some are pushed, some decide to be bold.

They land on my home page; I’m glad they are here

Because their resumes are in good hands, of that they need not fear!


Career management is what I promote

And those not happy at work, please take note

You must work to your talents, of this I am sure

And you’ll develop skills that employment will lure!


But career management a great resume requires

As otherwise one may not be hired

Cause competition is fierce in this land of opportunity

And you must prepare for thorough scrutiny!


You will start on a new path in this new year

With your sparkling new resume and your job search in high gear,

The resume’s content will sway, and hit a fine chord

With a smart recruiter who will want you on board!


To new grads, career changers and those who were let go,

To all who despair that the job search is too slow!

With resume in hand, now you’re all set

And your worries allayed, there’s no need to fret.


With interview coaching thrown into the mix

Your job search strategy needs no further fix

Go now, and work it! Dazzle employers

Step proudly and sprightly into their foyers!


Your confidence beams with a resolute smile

As you prove your skills go an extra mile

By providing real value that improves the bottom line

You’re managing your career, and it’s certain to shine!