Inertia and Magic

Inertia is defined as a kind of sluggishness, lethargy, or disinterest. But I see it as a bit more - it's like a plugging up of energy, a plug that requires an extra push to get things going again.

So it was with me and my trampoline!

I used to jump two to three times a week, from 10-15 minutes, and that kept me fit, trim and energized. And then I stopped. Lots of stuff was going on, you know how it goes, and the routine was broken and then although I thought about getting back on that tramp, well,  you know, it just didn't happen!

Finally, after about seven months of gazing longingly at my tramp in the cupboard, I resolved (and out loud too, to friends) to begin this week. I am pleased to report that I have, and it felt so good! What was I waiting for!? Human beings are so complex and unexplainable sometimes.

It's like that with career change too. We hate our jobs but are totally stuck in that inertia. I used to be too! (It looks like a pattern here ... hmmm!)

But finally, with a good nudge from my husband (who was sick and tired of my Sunday evening depression, as I prepared to return to a job I truly didn't enjoy), my inertia was unplugged. Best thing that ever happened to my career, I'll tell you!

For those of you who struggle with a career change, give me a call. I can ask you some questions and give you a career strategist's input on whether your goals need more work before you can set your dreams free, or whether you've already got the "stuff" for me to work some resume magic and set those dreams in motion!

Working to your career's success, Stephanie