Is your self-talk serving you well?

I love to write and seek out opportunities to write for magazines. A local magazine, Synergy, caught my attention as I love its mission: Dedicated to Mindful Living.

An article I submitted to Synergy's issue on Truth was accepted and my Career Choices article is on page 13 of Volume 9, Issue 6 - such joy!(I admit that I am still quite excited to see my name in print!)

Today I spent an hour or so preparing the first draft of my next submission. This one deals, loosely, with the idea of "Creating Peace."  The topic of my article is the voice in our heads that steals our peace by harping at us with negative self talk.

I once hosted such a voice in my brain, and its constant badgering of "not good enough, not smart enough, not likeable" and so on was supremely non-productive! But I was not aware of my power over this nasty stream of self-deprecation! I thought that it "just was."

Having long ago replaced the negative self-talk with a self-nurturing self-talk, I can identify clients who continue to run the tape I left behind. They typically evaluate their credentials poorly, even though their accomplishments speak to well-defined talents and abilities. They are either underqualified or overqualified, too young or too old, inexperienced or over-experienced, too shy, not hip enough, or some other erroneous self-evaluated "lack."

I am also practical in my reasoning of clients' credentials - education, skills, and experience - and fully realize that some positions require certain credentials. This isn't about that. This is about the people who absolutely have what it takes, but cannot see it with the blinders they've donned, cannot appreciate it as their own brain natters away at them, devaluing and denigrating ceaselessly.

If that is you, know that you have the power to replace your brain's messages with encouraging and self-appreciative ones. Your entire life will benefit - relationships, interest in life, and yes, your career.

- Working with fierce determination to recreate resumes from boring to inspiring, Stephanie