Basic Resume = Ineffective Resume?

Recently I received a resume writer's books in the mail. Steven Provenzano, author of the Top Secret Resume books, shared his Blue Collar Resumes (2nd Edition) and latest Top Secret Executive Resumes with me.

In the Blue Collar book, he writes:

I can't tell you how many people call my office and say they want a "simple" or "basic" resume. For some reason, they think there's something magical about those words. Most people email brief descriptions of their work history and education. Initially, they ask for feedback and maybe a few "tweaks," as if that will quickly result in more job offers.

Whenever I talk to job seekers with this mindset, I stop them in their tracks and tell them, "We'll make your resume effective." Never underestimate the power of a few "basic" words.

I heartily agree! There is indeed power in the written word, but used poorly, your writing will exert negative power! Used wisely, your resume will have the power to influence the reader to call you with an invitation to an interview.

A former corporate recruiter, Mr. Provenzano knows his stuff! Check out his Blue Collar Resumes book for valuable information. Steven, thank you for sharing and I will continue my own reading of your strategies, approaches, techniques and suggestions!