Great Job Search Advice from a Marriage Improvement Idea

Recently I have received a multitude of books to read and review! Given my love of learning, this is a dream. One of my favourite books is Darren Hardy's The Compound Effect.

It is a guide to jumpstarting your income, your life and your success, and it is full of practical, actionable tactics.

He shares a story of how he began to prepare for finding himself a wife! Yes, he planned, prepared, considered and contemplated ... he had some 40 pages describing his perfect spouse. Here's the great part: once he finished that process he asked himself "So what must I do, how must I grow, to attract this woman?" Wow, great advice, amazing thought process ... a humble approach.

I am a resume writer, interview coach and career strategist; I cannot help but see how great advice might fit into a job search, kicking it up another notch or two! Job hunter, take note: choose your ideal employers, and then figure out what you must do, how you should prepare, to attract their attention.

Perhaps your resume needs a professional's touch? Keep me in mind, but whatever you do don't skip this step. There is such power in the written word, but you must use it wisely. Ignore this step at your peril. What do you have to lose? Many weeks of unemployment as you continue to battle your competition with the ineffective, non-influential, unstrategized, poorly communicated information on your resume.

Maybe you do not have a clue how to articulate your value, how to communicate exactly what you've done in a bottom-line sort of way that captures the attention of your prospective? This time you'd benefit from interview coaching, and I have a great interview coaching package. If I'm not the right fit, find another professional, but do it! (check out Career Professionals of Canada for more credentialed professionals)

Back to Mr. Hardy's marriage. Almost every week he and his wife spend a bit of time chatting and going over the last week. They open their discussion to what was great and what didn't work so well. Imagine, a performance review! at home! on a regular basis! Another topic for another blog.