Apply with LinkedIn button and LinkedIn lies

LinkedIn, the social media darling of professionals, job hunters, small business owners, media gurus, new grads, and many more, has added a new feature. You can now apply to jobs with over 1000 employers with a simple click of this button, according to their news release.

This is great news for job hunters, if it truly catches on. It will eliminate the need for posting repetitive answers to each web-based application's questions, the answers for which are in your resume, and then attaching or copying and pasting your resume, and fearing all the while that you may either time out or click the wrong command and find you've lost all your work ... you get the idea!

With time, conceivably many employers will make use of this LinkedIn feature.

And Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking this week announced the results of a study, which shows that fewer people lie on their LinkedIn info than on their resumes! This is related, of course, to the fact that your LinkedIn profile will be read by many, including those with whom or for whom you've worked in the past. You wouldn't want to see any reference to discrepancies in your information, or a call from a previous employer? With the speed of progress (or change, not necessarily one and the same) who knows what other kinds of repurcussions lurk in cyberspace?

Interesting times in recruitment and job hunt strategies.