Another reason to build relationships

 A dear friend who works in HR (and for whom I wrote a resume - she changed careers in her late 50s, took a few years to gather HR educational credentials, and landed an HR job in her 60s - yes, a strategic resume can overcome many perceived obstacles ... but I digress!), shared an interesting story with me.

One of her HR colleagues admitted that she didn't always follow hiring protocols. Yes, she posts a job opening, but if she is pressed for time, she calls her industry contacts to see if they have someone good to recommend. Apparently she cannot find the time to review 200 resumes, most of which are tedious to read, and few of which excite her HR perspective! Anyways, one of these forwarded the resume of a candidate who had interviewed for a recent job opening, and although he ultimately lost out to a competitor with more qualifications, he had impressed her so much - with excellent interview skills and great relationship building skills - that she wanted to help him.

You see, it seems that after the interview, and even finding out that he was second choice, he stayed in touch. He sent a "thank you for a great interview, please keep me in mind and please feel free to share my resume with colleagues" email, to which he subsequently added another email with an industry related article and his thoughts on the article ... leaving a very fine impression, a growing reputation for someone who is passionate, engaged and serious about his chosen career.

Once you've established rapport, use it to your advantage! By the way, if you need one of those perception-enhancing, obstacle-busting resumes, give me a call. I love my work. :-) Stephanie