Documents and resume-writing

My retired husband and I decided to have a grand adventure and have followed our eldest daughter from Ontario to British Columbia. We now live in Nanaimo, B.C., which is an amazing city with great energy, activity, and appeal. Although we long to give in to the lure of "supernatural" B.C., and explore rocky and deserted shores, as with any relocation many documents must be changed, so today we walked downtown to change our driving licenses.

As my husband put it "Let's go get the process started."

Thankfully we have 90 days to make this change as we both have to get additional documents from Ontario. Apparently an existing license, birth certificate, etc. are not adequate! Well, I understand the need for verification and security and will happily comply.

But it leads me to think of documentation when writing a resume. Some folks approach the gathering of information with a less-than-dedicated zeal. I don't get that - jobs impact one's earnings, happiness, satisfaction ... why wouldn't you put less than full-out effort into gathering all the related info that you possibly can?

What documents do you need? Glad you asked, and here are a few:

  • although I wouldn't want you to copy your Position Description, it's a great document to have on hand to provide you with language and jog your memory. We soon forget what we did in our previous job and likely have days where we barely remember what the heck we're supposed to be doing today!
  • it's really helpful to have Performance Evaluations on hand. These often have great detail of that special project you contributed to two years ago, the team effort you volunteered for last year, and the goals you had for this year.
  • emails of thanks and congratulations are valuable. Knowing what others thought of your work validates your abilities. If you don't have any, start keeping these.
  • a brag file, me file, or accomplishment file belongs in each person's career management tool-kit. Along with all the above, it could keep your own notes on those special projects, ad-hoc opportunities, committee work, courses and workshops - all kinds of goodies!

Now that you know what's needed, start collecting! New Leaf Resumes is ready and eager to write strategic, interview-generating resumes. If you would rather delegate the writing of your resume to an expert, send me an email ( or pick up the phone and call (855-550-5627 toll free). Working to your career success, Stephanie