I'm a soloist

Someone suggested to me that they want to know more about me, so this journal isn't about how to interview, the importance or resumes, or other career-related intelligence; it's about me!

Yes, I'm a soloist ... well, at one time I did sing solos with a Ukrainian woman's choir, and was active in a trio as well as some duet gigs. But today I mean that I work solo! Everything you read, here and on EzineArticles, ArticleBase, in my Avalon articles, newgraduateresumes.com and interviewsavvy.wordpress.com is written by me myself and I.

I choose not to farm it out because I love to write, and because as a microbusiness it would be prohibitive from a cost perspective. But mainly it's cause I simply love to string words together in a logical way (I reread everything and longer pieces are edited several times), and hopefully in a way that inspires.

What do I hope to inspire? A renewed sense of hope in you, my readers, that you can land an interview, can land a job offer, can get your career off the ground, can shoot your career into the stratosphere with a dream job!

So I work solo. I have amazing self-discipline, but it's born of a love of my work rather than because I'm a workaholic. And even though I work solo, I have some cool industry colleagues with whom I connect regularly to "talk shop," and catch up on what's new in their lives. Elizabeth Grin of Sunshine Design (Guelph Ontario) comes to mind, as does Brenda Collard-Mills of Robust Resumes and Resources (based in Collingwood Ontario).

Now living not in Ontario but in British Columbia (ah, that'll be my next blog's topic - oh my goodness is it gorgeous here!), I have made a few new friends. Mary Ann Moore of The Flying Mermaids Studio and Sarah Clark of Sarah Clark Design.ca - two creative and amazing Nanaimo-ites, also transplanted from Ontario.

Well, there's a bit about me. I can't wait to write about B.C. next! For now I'll say that my self-discipline has come in handy as it's much, much too easy to play hookey living on Vancouver Island! Stay tuned.