BC Life

No, not life of prehistoric ancestors (but that reminds me that yesterday we watched a movie, Iceman, with Timothy Hutton and John Lone, that I found quite interesting), but life in British Columbia, the most raw and delicious place that I have lived. Admittedly I've only lived in two other provinces, Ontario and Alberta, but still!

Three times this week, out on our daily walk following trails to the downtown or through a large park, we have passed a doe and her fawn. Likely it's the same two, wandering a kilometer this way or that. The mother keeps her eye on us until we're out of her "danger zone" range, and the fawn just keeps nibbling at tender greens. Here's the kicker: each and every time I have left my camera-equipped cell phone at home!

Today we made our way to the downtown market. Right in the harbour, it makes the most of a central location and phenomenal vistas! Ocean, mainland mountains rising in the distance with clouds gathering at their peaks, sea planes coming and going, boats of every size, vintage, description and purpose bobbing in the water, and people strolling everywhere! I absolutely love the energy of this place!

After purchasing local, organic and fresh-picked veggies, chatting with a few vendors (beautiful lamp-work beaded items caught my eye), and a mini-reflexology session, we headed home.

What a splendid end to a lovely week. Now I look forward to cooking up some fresh beets, broad beans, and cabbage. Life is tasty, active, and a joy!