Although my husband and I don't have a backyard, we have a rather spectacular deck. About 20 feet by 18 feet, and jutting out over a river bank cliff, we live as in a treehouse! On our deck we have fruit trees, beans, a tomato plant, a grape vine, and a bush that attracts local humming birds.

Or a local humming bird I should say. Being territorial, our bird chases visitors away! In fact he seems to dive bomb them - more aggressive than you might imagine. Small yes - delicate, perhaps not so much!

We now have a feeder and our bird has already discovered it and sipped! Apparently the hummers do not migrate from Vancouver Island and so we have his antics to look forward to throughout the year.

From our deck we can watch humming birds as well as eagles - what a contrast! Living in a "treehouse" has unexpected advantages.

Along with bird-watching, I continue to work! Today I wrote my first article in some time (moving - packing and unpacking did impact my productivity, but I'm back up to speed). The link is below for those who are interested in taming runaway grammar and unruly spelling! Let me know if it helps you out.